I'm using laravel 5.5 and try to save my blog post's comments to the database. When I tried this, it's not saving to database and not give any error ?

(I add a new comment, click send, redirect me same page. But not save comment to database..)


 public function store(Request $request, $post_id)
    $this->validate($request, [
        'name' => 'required',
        'email' => 'required',
        'comment' => 'required'

    $post = Post::find($post_id);

    $comment = new Comment;
    $comment->name = $request->name;
    $comment->email = $request->email;
    $comment->comment = $request->comment;
    $comment->approved = true;

    return redirect()->route('post_slug',$post->slug);


Where do I mistake ?

  • Like someone said below, you'd be using ->save(). Otherwise it's taken as a property reference. – MarkSkayff Nov 12 '17 at 0:39
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If you don't have comment saved and you are redirected to same page, I assume you don't have name, email or comment fields filled in. This is how validation works - if it fails, you will be redirected to previous url, so make sure you are displaying errors from validation to see what's going on.


And one more thing - instead of ->save you shuould use ->save() and move associating post at the end so instead of:


you should use:


and probably it's reasonable to use transaction to save those into database.

When you used ->save you actually accessed attribute of model and haven't run model saving.

  • how can i display errors ? – user7986752 Nov 11 '17 at 19:17
  • also I filled these fields.. – user7986752 Nov 11 '17 at 19:18
  • Maybe you have typo in field name in your form? You can look at laravel.log but in case this route was hit and redirection was made it should be empty. laravel.com/docs/5.5/validation#working-with-error-messages you have section about displaying error messages (obviously use Blade syntax if you using Blade) – Marcin Nabiałek Nov 11 '17 at 19:25
  • @HasanTıngır I've updated my answer – Marcin Nabiałek Nov 11 '17 at 19:32
  • .. How can I miss that.. I fixed but now we have new sweet error :) General error: 1364 Field 'post_id' doesn't have a default value.. – user7986752 Nov 11 '17 at 19:38

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