I have a column in a dataset which starts with M, F or I. I want to replace all the M or F in the column with MF and leave I untouched.


I have tried the snippet as shown below, but to no avail.:

df <- data$Sex
for(i in names(df)){

I am new to R. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Use gsub("M|F", "MF", df$Sex) – akrun Nov 11 '17 at 19:14
  • Or probably sub("[MF]", "MF", df$Sex). If you work with strings regularly, learning the basics of regular expressions will pay for itself by orders of magnitude. – lmo Nov 11 '17 at 19:34

Assuming that

  • the possible levels are currently "M", "F", and "I"
  • sex is a "factor" column

define a mapping levs between old and new levels and then write this:

data <- data.frame(sex = c("M", "F", "I", "F", "M", "I")) # test input

Now try one of these:

levs <- c(F = "MF", M = "MF", I = "I") # mapping
transform(data, sex = factor(levs[sex])) ##

levels(data$sex) <- levs # levs defined above

If sex is a "character" column then the first one above still works if we remoive the word factor and this works as well:

data_c <- data.frame(sex = c("M", "F", "I", "F", "M", "I"), stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
transform(data_c, sex = replace(sex, sex %in% c("M", "F"), "MF"))

and the solution marked ## also works if the word factor is omitted.

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