I'm trying to write a Google Apps Script (specifically for Google Docs) that's basically a slightly advanced version of the Search text tool. One thing I would like to accomplish is searching for ellipses that don't come in groups of 3 (so, I'm looking for '..', '....', '.....', etc.). My plan was to search for '..' in the document and then check the proceeding characters to see if they were periods as well. However, I can't seem to find any functions that allow me to do this.

I've looked at code like this , where the findText() function is used and an Element with a startOffset and an endOffset is returned, but my idea to create and check the text of a new Element using the (original Element's startOffset) and the (original Element's endOffset + 1) doesn't seem like it will work because I don't think you can instantiate your own Element. There's also no "set endOffset" function, unfortunately :[

If anyone can give me some ideas or point me in a good direction, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

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