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I have this pattern:


I want to get filename or path and extension. e.g:


I try:


but it doesn't work perfect

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If you just want the file's name and extension:

import os
# path = C:/Users/Me/some_file.tar.gz
temp = os.path.splitext(path)
var = (os.path.basename(temp[0]), temp[1])
print (var)
# (some_file.tar, .gz)

Its worth noting that files with "dual" extensions will need to be recursed if you want. For example, the .tar.gz is a gzip file that happens to be an archive file as well. But the current state of it is .gz.

There is more on this topic here on SO.

General strategy: find the first '.' everything before it is the path, everything after it is the extension.

def get_path_and_extension(filename):
    index = filename.find('.')
    return filename[:index], filename[index + 1:]
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    And if there's a '.' in part of the path name? – Bill Bell Nov 11 '17 at 19:46