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Suppose that you have a class Person with several attributes, and an ArrayList ordered in ascending order of an attribute of Person (age for example).

What I want to do is to add a person to the ArrayList, and when it's added it is compared with the other elements in the list and ordered directly. I mean, I don't want to add all the elements in the list and after that order the list.

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You can use a comparator to sort after all the elements are added. However, since you aren't interested in the 'add all' then 'sort' technique, consider the below:

  • Create a custom ArrayList which extends the java.util.ArrayList.
  • Create an insert method which would insert the elements in sorted order.

    public void insert(Person p) {
    // loop through all persons
    for (int i = 0; i < size(); i++) {
            // if the person you are looking at is younger than p, 
            // go to the next person
            if (get(i).age < p.age) continue;
            // if same age, skip to avoid duplicates
            if (get(i).age == p.age) return;
            // otherwise, we have found the location to add p
            add(i, p);
    // we looked through all of the persons, and they were all
    // younger than p, so we add p to the end of the list

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