I couldn't find the answer anywhere and I am starting to doubt if that's possible. How can I keep a body in LIbgdx "Invisble"? So that it will keep interacting with everything and act like a regular body but just won't be rendered

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You can create your own Box2dDebugRenderer and override renderBody method.

class MyBox2dRenderer extends Box2DDebugRenderer {

    private ArrayList<Body> notRenderingBodies; // array of vodies that you dont want to render

    public MyBox2dRenderer(ArrayList<Body> notRenderingBodies) { 

        this.notRenderingBodies = notRenderingBodies; 

    protected void renderBody(Body body) {
        for (Body b : notRenderingBodies) { // loop through all bodies in array
            if (b == body){ // if given body equals by reference to one from list than return 

    public ArrayList<Body> getNotDenderingBodies() {
        return notRenderingBodies;   

    public void setNotDenderingBodies(ArrayList<Body> notDenderingBodies) {
        this.notRenderingBodies = notDenderingBodies;
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    That's great thank you so much! – ronsap123 Nov 11 '17 at 23:11

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