Hi I would like to know if there is something to send a whatsapp message using javascript or something I was searching but I did not find any new post. This is not for any special purpose. I found this but it only works if you have whatsapp web. I was thinking on clicking on a link to send a default message to a default number

<a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=1111111111">Send Message</a>

Just make use of this function in web browser to get it running as you want.

Note: You need to run the code manually through browser console with an opened conversation in WhatsApp (web version).

function sendMessage (message) {
  window.InputEvent = window.Event || window.InputEvent;

  var event = new InputEvent('input', {
    bubbles: true

  var textbox = document.querySelector('div._2S1VP');

  textbox.textContent = message;


My gist

Original code

Thanks to Gabriel!

Important: If you're trying to send a message directly from URL (i.e using API), you cant. Its impossible to send WhatsApp messages without user interaction.

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    This one is really working. I'll try to automate it using puppeteer. Thanks for the codes... May 10 '19 at 22:21
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  • Can we send an image file taken from a html form to WhatsApp using JavaScript? Sep 18 '21 at 9:54

I find this way is a better way to send a msg to WhatsApp unknowing number.

// github: omar-bakhsh
function send_handle(){

  let num=document.getElementById("number").value;

  let msg= document.getElementById("msg").value;

    let name= document.getElementById("name").value;
  var win = window.open(`https://wa.me/${num}?text=I%27m%20api%20msg%20hello%20${name}%20friend%20${msg}`, '_blank');
 // win.focus();
          <h3>whatsapp send app </h3>
            <h6>add number without space like 17272912606 not <strike>+1 (727) 2912606 </strike></h6>
  <input id="number" type="numric" placeholder="phone 966506666666" >
   <input id="name" type="text" placeholder="name" >
   <input id="msg" type="text" placeholder="type msg" >
<button onclick="send_handle()">send</button>


You can do this:

<a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=1111111111&text=Hi">Send Message</a>


Whatsapp dosen't support sending messages from the PC. Every message has to come from a Phone. Whatsapp web is just redirecting the messages to your phone wich is then sending the message. If you use their api you only can let users send a message to any number via Whatsapp using their phone. To predetermine the message use:


more: https://faq.whatsapp.com/en/android/26000030/?category=5245251


It's impossible to do it with HTML link. Whatsapp has no official API. But you can find (or write it by yourself) some script to emulate user actions on the site web.whatsapp.com. For example, this one (I did not test it).

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