I have a list of articles like this:

       this.props.articles.map(article => {
            return (
                <ArticleCard key={article._id} article={article} />

In the ArticleCard component, I'm only showing the title of my article. I want to put a link to it which would create new URL like 'article-title' and show the content.

How to achieve this?

  • if I understand you right, you want each card to have a link such as: /articles/article-title which will route to an Article component that will render the contents of article-title? (where article-title is a dynamic string) – Bill Nov 12 '17 at 6:14
  • yes, article-title is dynamic string – Mushfiq Nov 12 '17 at 6:15
  • and where is this "content"? I'm assuming it's a separate API call using the article-title as a query? – Bill Nov 12 '17 at 6:17
  • yes, content will be another api call using article._id to render another component. – Mushfiq Nov 12 '17 at 6:21
  • Now where is the problem? Have you read the docs at all? Use <Link to="/article1">Article1</Link> and <Route path="/:id" component={articleDetail}/> – xDreamCoding Nov 12 '17 at 6:30

In your ArticleCard, you have to create a Link that will route to your full Article. This link will include the id of the article you are trying to render (ex. articles/${article._id})

By writing the Route path of the component Article as articles/:id, this will allow us to catch that id when Article is rendered (accessible via this.props.match.params.id)

Then, assuming that id is used to fetch the article from some other API, a good place to call that would be the componentDidMount of your Article component.

Here is a small example which may help you out:

import React from 'react'
import {
  BrowserRouter as Router,
} from 'react-router-dom'

const ParamsExample = () => (
      <Route exact path="/" component={ArticleList} />
      <Route path="/articles/:id" component={Article} />

const article = {
  _id: 1,
  title: 'First Article'

const ArticleList = () => (
    <ArticleCard key={article._id} article={article} />

const ArticleCard = ({ article }) => (
    <Link to={`/articles/${article._id}`}>SEE MORE</Link>

class Article extends React.Component {
  componentDidMount() {
    console.log('Fetch API here: ', this.props.match.params.id);

  render() {
    return (

export default ParamsExample
  • it worked, this is exactly I was thinking. thanks – Mushfiq Nov 12 '17 at 6:49

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