Adding crud forms manually is very painful for me. Is laravel a good way to do this?


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That kind of question should be done in Google.

But for the sake of being helpful, here it is:

First of all, the use package A instead of a package B depends of the user. For me the best one is Voyager.

Said that, here you have a nice list of CRUD Generators.


Voyager is a really powerful Admin backend panel and working with BREAD on Entities is very easy. Give it a try. Could be working better than a standalone generateor.


You may want to give Laravel-Code-Generator a shot. It is very advance and very flexable. The great thing here is that you can create resource exiting database or for a brand new database. It also allow you to create a complete API and API-documentation with customization stubs.

Here is a link to the documentation

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