I am trying to download certain files from S3 to local machine by running the following code:

import subprocess, os
ec2_root = '/home/'
s3_root_path = "S3://bucket-name/"
s3_download_command = ["aws", "s3", "cp", os.path.join(s3_root_path, 'my_video.mp4'), os.path.join(local_root)]
p = subprocess.Popen(s3_download_command)

But I get the following error: usage: aws s3 cp <LocalPath> <S3Uri> or <S3Uri> <LocalPath> or <S3Uri> <S3Uri> Error: Invalid argument type

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    please add the values of s3_root_path and local_root to the question title – omu_negru Nov 13 '17 at 10:54
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    What are the values of s3_root_path and local_root? – Ammar Alyousfi Nov 13 '17 at 11:15

It turned out that I used S3:// with a capital S instead of small s.

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