Over the weekend, my postgresql server stopped functioning. After some troubleshooting I realized that I am out of space on a 1 TB drive. Is there a way for me to recover from this?

  • I have no space to temporarily move the files. Are any of them safe to delete?
  • The logical replication is set up using Postgresql 10 - can I tweak these settings to prevent this from happening again?

/pg_replslot = 395 GB

/pg_wal = 283 GB

 - Settings -

wal_level = logical                     # minimal, replica, or logical
                                        # (change requires restart)
#fsync = on                             # flush data to disk for crash safety
                                                # (turning this off can cause
                                                # unrecoverable data corruption)
#synchronous_commit = on                # synchronization level;
                                        # off, local, remote_write, remote_apply, or on
#wal_sync_method = fsync                # the default is the first option
                                        # supported by the operating system:
                                        #   open_datasync
                                        #   fdatasync (default on Linux)
                                        #   fsync
                                        #   fsync_writethrough
                                        #   open_sync
#full_page_writes = on                  # recover from partial page writes
#wal_compression = off                  # enable compression of full-page writes
#wal_log_hints = off                    # also do full page writes of non-critical updates
                                        # (change requires restart)
wal_buffers = 16MB                      # min 32kB, -1 sets based on shared_buffers
                                        # (change requires restart)
#wal_writer_delay = 200ms               # 1-10000 milliseconds
#wal_writer_flush_after = 1MB           # measured in pages, 0 disables

#commit_delay = 0                       # range 0-100000, in microseconds
#commit_siblings = 5                    # range 1-1000

# - Checkpoints -

checkpoint_timeout = 40min # range 30s-1d
max_wal_size = 6GB
min_wal_size = 2GB
checkpoint_completion_target = 0.9 # checkpoint target duration, 0.0 - 1.0
#checkpoint_flush_after = 256kB         # measured in pages, 0 disables
#checkpoint_warning = 30s               # 0 disables

# - Sending Server(s) -

# Set these on the master and on any standby that will send replication data.

max_wal_senders = 3             # max number of walsender processes
                                # (change requires restart)
#wal_keep_segments = 0          # in logfile segments, 16MB each; 0 disables
#wal_sender_timeout = 60s       # in milliseconds; 0 disables

max_replication_slots = 4       # max number of replication slots
  • Did you configure any replication slots? "pg_replslot = 395 GB" seems to indicate you created a replication slot, but you have no slave that consumes the WAL segments Nov 13, 2017 at 14:16
  • Yes, I have a local machine which is subscribed to the database. This has worked since October 10th of this year. All the data I want available on the local machine has been available, so I did not look into it too much though. Is that a safe folder to delete for now? Perhaps there was a network issue or something which prevented the replication server from grabbing the data from the primary server?
    – trench
    Nov 13, 2017 at 14:20
  • FYI - I checked the replication server and the replication stopped apparently at some point. There is an active subscription still in pg_stat_subscription but I guess data has not been sent. This is a non-critical replication. Is it safe to delete the pg_replslot folder for now and turn off logical replication?
    – trench
    Nov 13, 2017 at 14:37
  • 3
    You should delete the replication slot, not the folder, e.g. through pg_drop_replication_slot() postgresql.org/docs/current/static/… Nov 13, 2017 at 14:43
  • Whew. I had to delete some files to turn on the server using systemctl postgresql@10-main, but then I was able to drop the replication slot and it immediately freed up some space. Can you post an answer so I can accept it? Also, is there anything I need/should do with the large pg_wal folder?
    – trench
    Nov 13, 2017 at 15:14


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