I am using the library alog for the first time in a project. I have a problem understanding how to set the log level for all subsequent log commands.

See my test program:

with Alog;                         use Alog;
with Alog.Logger;
with Alog.Policy_DB;               use Alog.Policy_DB;

procedure Test_Loglevel
   L : Logger.Instance (Init => True);

   procedure Act_And_Log
   is begin
      L.Log_Message (Alog.Debug, "very detailed, only for debugging");
      L.Log_Message (Alog.Info,  "some more detailed infos");
      L.Log_Message (Alog.Notice, "general messages for interactive use");
      L.Log_Message (Alog.Warning, "something serious happened");
      L.Log_Message (Alog.Error, "error messages should always be displayed");
   end Act_And_Log;

   -- all logs should be displayed
   Set_Loglevel ("*", Debug);
   Set_Default_Loglevel (Debug);
   -- only error
   Set_Loglevel ("*", Error);
   Set_Default_Loglevel (Error);

end Test_Loglevel;

I would expect that all 5 messages are displayed the first time and only the error message is displayed the second time. The actual output, however, shows the 5 messages twice!

What do I have to do to filter the output based on severity?

I directly asked the authors of alog. They responded with a patch. I still find the doc a bit misleading.

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