On a NodeJS server (8.6.0) with Express (4.15.2) , Sequelize (3.30.0) and Mysql, I'm facing the following "simple" use-case : ( Don't pay attention to table name ;)) I have this model defined :

Child.belongsTo(Son) Child.belongsToMany(Parents)

tableName: 'Child',
classMethods: {
    associate: function(models) {
        this.belongsToMany(models.Parent, { as :{ singular: 'child',                 plural: 'children' }, through: 'Parent_Child'} );

        this.belongsTo(models.Son, {foreignKey : 'fkSon', as :'son' });

I want to get in a same query all related models to Child. My model definition works fine. I can get Parent related to Child and Son related to Child but not both.

Here the query I try to run unfortunately (inspired by sequelize doc http://docs.sequelizejs.com/manual/tutorial/models-usage.html#nested-eager-loading

include : [{model : models.Son, as:'son',
include : [{model : models.Parent, as : 'children', through:    'Parent_Child' , require : true}]


I have the following error : Error: Parent (children) is not associated to Son!

Many Thanks in advance :)

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