I need to show "<>" symbols for my string "DummyText". When i run and inspect the element, it converted to be DOM element in HTML like . This is the code I am trying to do

<p><a href='' title='Survey Link'><DummyText></a></p>

Use &lt; and &gt; instead, from here

<p><a href='' title='Survey Link'>&lt;DummyText&gt;</a></p>


Encode it so browser would display it as an entity. use this:


For HTML you have to encode special characters:

<p><a href='' title='Survey Link'>&lt;DummyText&gt;</a></p>


Use &lt; to display < and &gt; to display > in HTML

document.getElementById('anc').innerHTML="&lt;Dummy Text&gt;";
<p><a id="anc" href='' title='Survey Link'></a></p>


What's happening is that the reserved characters <> are being parsed as HTML. Since <Dummy Text> doesn't exist as a tag, it swallows it so that it doesn't appear on your page.

To fix this you need to use HTML character codes. Instead of inserting the symbol < use the string &lt; and instead of > use &gt;

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