I'm using docker-compose to mange my container 'abc' in a linux server (centos).

my steps that I want to perofrm:

1) docker compose pull 'abc' in order to pull my latest image

docker-compose --file docker-compose.yml pull

2) docker command to check if my container 'abc' need to be updated (possible???)

3) if my container 'abc' I will perform docker-compose up -d

docker-compose --file docker-compose.yml up -d 

Remark: I know that step 3 is checking and than update the container if necessary but I need to perform pre tasks if step 2 return True

To restate your question as I read it:

Prior to updating a container, do X

Changes Include:

  • Image changes
  • Environment changes for containers
  • Networking changes
  • ..etc

TLDR; What you want is a dry-run feature of docker-compose. You are not alone: https://github.com/docker/compose/issues/1203

More; I think you are out of luck trying to use docker-compose itself for this purpose until this issue is tackled by the developer community. To be completely safe you would want to perform your pre-flight action when anything affecting the running container is about to change.

Potential Direction: If we were to wish for this, we'd build a shell script that does the examination for us, as simple as a diff on the compose file, or more complex as locating each image e.g., grep image docker-compose.yml | sed "s/^.*\: \(.*\),$/\1/g" ... etc and so forth.

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