I found a weird problem in my project. I'm using Spring MVC, Tiles, JSPX and Boostrap.

I have a navbar in my header page, then I added a span to show a badge like https://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/components/#badges.

Till here nothing strange. But If I add an id on span tag and there is an error inside the html code, I can't see any log or exception.

Here the code

 <li class="dropdown">
    <a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" role="button" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false">
      <span class="fa fa-male"><jsp:text/></span>
      <span class="badge badgeNavbar" id="badgesContrattiDaApprovare">
      </span> ${clienti} 
      <span class="caret"><jsp:text/></span>
    <ul class="dropdown-menu">

Instead If I remove id="badgesContrattiDaApprovare" I can see the exceptions.

Are there any conflicts between span and id?

SO: Why if I add the id attribute to the span inside bootstrap navbar the JSP/Tiles exceptions aren't shown inside the rendered view?

For example here if an exception occurs without the id attribute:

enter image description here

Instead, if I add the id attribute is like the rendering is stopped, and I see only a blank page. The generated/rendered html code is incomplete.

  • I'm a little confused here; you keep emphasizing a potential <span> conflict with the ID you reference, when that ID is clearly inside a <div> – Robert Nov 14 '17 at 15:22
  • @RobertC ops...excuse me, I try to rewrite span with div to see if run. I correct it. – PaolaG Nov 14 '17 at 15:25

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