I have a method which returns all the documents found in the couchbase repo and the result is a Page<MyObject> object which is fine:

import org.springframework.data.domain.Page;

  Page<MyObject> myObjects = myRepo
      .findAll(new PageRequest(page == null ? 0 : page, size));

And I have another method which returns a Iterable<MyObject> as you can see below. The method is working fine and the results retrieved from couchbase are ok.

  Bucket myBucket = myRepo.getCouchbaseOperations().getCouchbaseBucket();
  PrefixQuery field = SearchQuery.prefix(searchParameter);

  SearchQueryResult searchQueryResult = myBucket
    .query(new SearchQuery("text-search", field)

  List <String> idList = new ArrayList<>();
  for (SearchQueryRow searchQueryRow : searchQueryResult.hits()) {

  Iterable<MyObject> myObjects = myRepo.findAll(idList);

My question is: How can I convert Iterable<MyObject> myObjects into a Page<MyObject> myObjects?

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I finally found how to do it, I'm posting the answer in case it can help anyone in the future. I achieved it by doing:

Iterable<MyObject> myObjects = myRepo.findAll(idList);
List<MyObject> myObjectsList = IteratorUtils.toList(myObjects.iterator());
Page<MyObject> myObjectsPage = new PageImpl<MyObject>(
                                     new PageRequest(page, size), 

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