I now search the catalog on one site using sphinx, but there is one feature: in the search parameters of the filters (color, material and others) should take part. But the output of these filters for selection, should be carried out dynamically (formation of the form, depending on the goods found). Those. In the form of filters should appear only those colors that are among the found goods.

For example: A person entered in search "Mike green" and he, in addition to the search results, should receive a filter, where there will be only those colors that are in the goods found (mostly green).

What is now: there is a database with a product table, a filter value table (filter_value), a link table (filter_product). There is a working, configured sphinx that indexes the product table. There is a working filtering and query in the database, which allows you to output dynamic filters for products of a given category.

What you need: You need to somehow organize a related query in Sphinx. That he selected the necessary filters from those products that were included in the search results.

What examples, the source code must be provided - I will provide.

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