I have some files that I need to copy to a directory configured in the .cfg file as part of installing the bundle in Karaf server. I couldn't figure out what exactly is the js method to invoke. Below id the snippet I used to extract a jar using postProcess in metatype.js, but how do I copy a file..

var postProcess = function(group, map ) {
       if(map["destination.script.path"] && map["destination.script.path"].trim()!='') {
       	       scope.installTasks.expandResources(java.lang.System.getProperty('karaf.base') +"/data/hrc/install/source/resources.jar",map["destination.script.path"]+"/scripts",false,
       		function(key,success)  {
	   			print("expanded " + success);

var success = function(source,val){
var fail = function(source,e){

This is how my OSGI-INF looks like

enter image description here

Sorry, installTasks is an internal utility used in my project.

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