I want to set secure flag for cookies data when accessing content over HTTPS.

The cookies is used on entire application so need to global configuration to secure all the cookies.

  • what do you mean by secure flag? Nov 15, 2017 at 5:15
  • While in Core PHP when creating a cookie their is one parameter of secure which make the cookie secure. If the cookies is not secure then it is not encrypted. Nov 15, 2017 at 5:20

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You need to override the default setting using session_set_cookie_params, set the $secure flag to true,

void session_set_cookie_params ( int $lifetime [, string $path [, string $domain [, bool $secure = false [, bool $httponly = false ]]]] )

more info at php.net

In laravel you need to alter the config/session.php configuration,set the secure flag to true

| HTTPS Only Cookies
| By setting this option to true, session cookies will only be sent back
| to the server if the browser has a HTTPS connection. This will keep
| the cookie from being sent to you if it can not be done securely.

'secure' => true,

In newer versions of laravel you can simply set the SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE=true in the .env file

  • That line in the config file looks like this in newer versions of Laravel: 'secure' => env( 'SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE', true ),
    – JamesRat
    Dec 15, 2020 at 17:45

You can set the value of secure true in your config/session.php file as illustrated below;

'secure' => env( 'SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE', true ),
  • 2
    This line of code may not actually set secure to true, if the .env file contains SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE=false. The second parameter passed to the env helper method simply sets the default to true and is used only if the SESSION_SECURE_COOKIE environment variable doesn't exist in the .env file.
    – w5m
    Feb 14 at 18:46

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