I am working on a multi-module Gradle Android project, which has two flavor dimensions and a build type. What I would want to achieve is build multiple build variants by specifying only one flavor dimension and build type. I will show you the flavor dimension setting part of my build.gradle.


android {
    buildTypes {
        release {
            debuggable false
            minifyEnabled false

        debug {
            debuggable true
            minifyEnabled false
    flavorDimensions 'adid', 'phase'

    productFlavors {
        full {
            dimension 'adid'
        lite {
            dimension 'adid'

        alpha {
            dimension 'phase'
            versionNameSuffix '-SNAPSHOT'

        sandbox {
            dimension 'phase'
            versionNameSuffix '-SNAPSHOT'

        beta {
            dimension 'phase'
            versionNameSuffix '-SNAPSHOT'

        real {
            dimension 'phase'

As you can see, there are two flavor dimensions adid (2 flavors) and phase (4 flavors), and a build type (2 types), a total of 16 build variants.

  1. assembleLiteAlphaDebug
  2. assembleLiteAlphaRelease
  3. assembleFullAlphaDebug
  4. assembleFullAlphaRelease
  5. assembleLiteSandboxDebug
  6. assembleLiteSandboxRelease
  7. assembleFullAlphaDebug
  8. assembleFullAlphaRelease

Since our CI builds for a specific server phase at a time, what I would want to do is specify only one flavor and a build type in my gradle commands.

./gradlew assembleAlphaRelease // build for alpha phase
./gradlew assembleSandboxRelease // build for sandbox phase
./gradlew assembleBetaRelease // build for beta phase
./gradlew assembleRealRelease // build for real phase

I want assembleAlphaRelease to run both:

  1. assembleLiteAlphaRelease
  2. assembleFullAlphaRelease.

However, gradle does not let me do that. I can use any combination like one dimension, two dimensions, one build type two dimensions and a build type like below:

./gradlew assembleAlpha
./gradlew assembleFull
./gradlew assembleDebug
./gradlew assembleRelease
./gradlew assembeFullAlphaRelease

But whenever I combinate one flavor and a build type, gradle gives me the following error.

Task 'assembleAlphaRelease' not found in project ':app'.

I am not sure if this is intended by the Gradle plugin or a bug but was curious if anybody could give me explanations why this is not doable. :)

  • I'm experiencing a similar issue where I have dimensions for different servers (Dev, QA, Demo, Staging, Release) and different white-labels of the app, and trying to do assembleQADebug is only building 1 of the white-lables in CI.
    – cren90
    Jun 7 '19 at 18:08
  • Have you solved this? I have the same issue
    – GSala
    Mar 30 '20 at 8:51
  • Same problem here. Any solution?
    – BoschAlex
    May 11 '20 at 10:13
  • Any solution to this?
    – lil'ms
    Aug 31 '20 at 8:06

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