So far I've tried to decompress using mac command line tool bzip2 -dc , it throws this error : 'huff+mtf data integrity (CRC) error in data', I've even tried recovering files using bzip2recover command it converted my 4 mb file into 6000 small bz2 files with success message however decompression of all those files failed with the same error

Using python bz2 package : this throws error 'IO error Invalid data stream'

Using Apache nifi, It says Java.io.exception unexpected end of stream.

Data was fed to GSC bucket using this chain 'Palo alto block' -> 'pubsub' -> 'GCS bucket'.

All this indicates that data might be corrupt but I am not sure(can't simply blame Pub Sub). has anyone ever faced similar situation? any kind of help will be appreciated.

you can find a sample bz2 file here


Maybe it is already decompressed?

Can you do a "tar -tf file.bz2"?

Or can you try to get the file type, for example with "file.bz2"

  • Check the link, does it look decompressed? and 'tar -tf' did not work it says error opening achieve.
    – JD-V
    Nov 15 '17 at 9:06
  • JD-V, i am not allowed to access the link. What tells "file xxx.bz2"?
    – Coliban
    Nov 15 '17 at 12:28

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