I'm having difficulty determining the correct format for a date (not a datetime) expression. In this situation, CloseDate from the Opportunity table.

I have tried multiple formats, including quotes, no quotes, timezones, no timezones. I have this working in regular REST queries just using the date in format yyyy-MM-dd without quotes,

A couple of examples..

CloseDate le 2011-12-31

ERROR: Salesforce failed to complete task: Message: FROM Opportunity WHERE (CloseDate <= 2011-12-31T00:00:00.0000000+00:00)\n ^\nERROR at Row:1:Column:6368\nvalue of filter criterion for field 'CloseDate' must be of type date and should not be enclosed in quotes\r\nclientRequestId: 50c8ea4a-bd02-4e95-919c-df02074f3144",

CloseDate ge '2017-01-01'

ERROR: value of filter criterion for field 'CloseDate' must be of type date and should not be enclosed in quotes

CloseDate ge datetime'2017-01-01'

ERROR: inner exception: Unrecognized 'Edm.String' literal

Help! Has anyone worked out how to specify the format for a "date" field in an ODATA filter?

Many thanks in advance.


UPDATE : FEB 11 2020 : I have worked w Microsoft support and this bug is fixed!

You can now filter against date fields or date time fields. Previously filters against date fields failed because flow converted to datetime and sfdc specifies that date fields cannot be queried as datetime


I have been poking on this and it looks like msft flow / power automate can only query dateTime fields in salesforce, but not date fields.

i can filter createdDate gt 2020-01-01 with no issues, but cannot query closeDate or any custom date field (flow will not run successfully - throws an error as above). custom datetime field works fine.

the only workaround i have found is to use relative dates - THIS_MONTH, LAST_MONTH etc work fine. (shocking!) that is quite helpful.

however the LAST_N_DAYS:N style does not work, the colon appears to break things.

i have opened a case with microsoft support as it appears that their connector transforms all dates to datetime, and the salesforce docs specify that date fields cannot be queried as datetime

A fieldExpression uses different date formats for date and dateTime fields. If you specify a dateTime format in a query, you can filter only on dateTime fields. Similarly, if you specify a date format value, you can filter only on date fields.:

  • msft support has confirmed as a bug and is working on a fix. – gorav Jan 23 '20 at 15:00

I had this issues querying the relative days in power flow,power flow had a handy function to resolve this,

 LastModifiedDate ge @{getPastTime(7,'Day','yyyy-MM-dd')} 

This works well for me

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