I use GCC compiler to compile and run C program on CMD. When I compile C program using command gcc hello.c it creates an executable file file with name a.exe but when I use IDE it uses the name same as .c file as hello.exe. Is it possible to create .exe file name same as .c file on CMD?


Just tell GCC the output name you want.

gcc hello.c -o hello

You have to specify the name of the executable

gcc -c hello.c // compiling

gcc -o hello hello.o // linking
         ^------------------------- name of the executable

you can do the compiling and the linking in one command

gcc -o hello hello.c
         ^------------------------- name of the executable

You need to understand the syntax of output. Following is the description of the command:

$ gcc [options] [source files] [object files] -o output file

In your case you should execute the commands as following:

$ gcc myfile.c -o myfile
$ ./myfile

For more descriptions and more optimized ways refer to the following url: http://www.rapidtables.com/code/linux/gcc/gcc-o.htm

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