I have a program read from stdin and process it. ( like "tee /some/file" )

This program wait stdin end to exit itself.

If I spawn it from Expect, after I send many content, how to send an "EOF" to the program?

there is a close command in Expect, but it will also send a SIGHUP, and can not expect program output anymore.

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    I'd think that send \x04 would do. That sends a Ctrl+D. – glenn jackman Nov 15 '17 at 15:04

Expect works (on non-Windows) by using a virtual terminal which the spawned program runs within. This means that you can do things by sending character sequences to simulate keys. In particular, the EOF control sequence is done with Ctrl+D, which becomes the character U+000004. The terminal processes this to turn it into a true EOF.

There's a few ways to write it, depending on which escape sequence you prefer, but one of these will work:

# Hexadecimal-encoded escape
send \x04
# Octal-encoded escape
send \004
# UNICODE escape (also hexadecimal)
send \u0004
# Generate by a command
send [format "%c" 4]

When Expect is using Tcl 8.6, these all generate the same bytecode so use whichever you prefer.

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