I have a simple class with one int property called Int:

public class TestObject
        public int Int { get; set; }

and wherePredicate "Int >= 90"

When I trying to use it with a IQueryable.Where(wherePredicate) the error occurs: System.Linq.Dynamic.Core.Exceptions.ParseException: '.' or '(' or string literal expected

When I change wherePredicate to "It.Int >= 90" - works as expected.

  • Could you paste the exact code that fails? Thanks :) – SuperJMN Jan 3 '18 at 9:13

Int is a reserved key-word.

Use a different Property name:

void Main()
    var l = new List<TestObject>();
    var q = l.AsQueryable();
    var result = q.Where("X >= 90");

    result.Dump(); // LINQPad

public class TestObject
    public int X { get; set; }
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