My question is about usage of vim-projectroot with fzf.vim

I have a key mapping which opens :Files at project root like this

nnoremap <leader>t :ProjectRootExe Files<CR>

But problem is it's interfering with set autochdir. Unless I force a new session with :e/:sp/:vsp current directory remains same as previous directory.

So I thought of passing directory as the second argument to :Files path like this

function Guess()
  return projectroot#guess()

nnoremap <leader>t :Files Guess()<CR>

But for obvious reasons which I can't figure out I am unable to get the usage working. How can I specify in a vim mapping that it should combine the command with output of a function?

What I want is :Files output_of_Guess() to be invoked.


Vim's evaluation rules are different than most programming languages. You need to use :execute in order to evaluate a variable (or expression); otherwise, it's taken literally; i.e. Vim uses the function name itself as the argument.

nnoremap <leader>t :execute 'Files ' . Guess()<CR>

An alternative for mappings is using :help :map-expr; that's basically :execute built into the variant of :map:

nnoremap <expr> <leader>t ':Files ' . Guess() . "\<lt>CR>"
  • This is what I ended up using nnoremap <leader>t :execute 'Files' ProjectRootGuess()<CR> For grepping I used this which I got from one of the issues in fzf.vim command! -nargs=* Rag \ call fzf#vim#ag(<q-args>, extend(s:with_git_root(), { 'down': '~40%' })) – Jithin Nov 18 '17 at 2:33

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