After read that Greasemonkey recommends users to install Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey.

I've installed Tampermonkey and now I'm trying to transfer all my Greasemonkey 3.x scripts to be opened on Tampermonkey, but I can't find it's location or even how to do it.

I've read this question that says where and how it's located on Chrome, but where is it on Firefox 57+? How can I transfer it?

PS: I'm expecting I won't need to update every userscript I have.


Based on derjanb comment I'm answering the question showing the steps I took to achieve the transfer of the userscripts.

  1. Enter about:support on firefox address, then find and click open folder


  1. Now find and open gm_scripts folder, click to search inside it and type .user.js, when the search finishes select all userscripts you want to transfer.

searching for .user.js files

  1. Now right click the selected files and choose Send To - Compressed (zipped) folder.


  1. Once your zip file is created find it on Desktop or where it was created and open the Tampermonkey Dashboard


  1. Go to utilities tab and on Zip select import, find your zip file and once you click open button, it should load


  1. Finally a list with all scripts inside the zip should open, asking which one you desire to import. If you want all, just click import.

list of userscripts to install under this

That should do it. Check it out on Installed userscripts tab.

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