VSCode after the last update now knows how to automatically add imports. However it adds using relative paths - any idea if that is somehow configurable?


It is configurable if you are using VS Code 1.24 and TypeScript >= 2.9.

From the release notes,

Preferences for auto imports and generated code

You can now explicitly specify the quote and path styles that VS Code uses for auto imports and other generated JavaScript and TypeScript code.


The javascript.preferences.importModuleSpecifier and typescript.preferences.importModuleSpecifier settings specify the type of path to use for imports.

Valid values are:

  • "relative" to the file location.
  • "non-relative" based on the baseUrl configured in your jsconfig.json / tsconfig.json.
  • "auto" to infer the shortest path type.

These new preferences require TypeScript 2.9+.

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