I'm encountering something bizarre in which a page with a form and fairly minimal layout is read correctly by JAWS 16 and 18 in IE11 on initial load. However, when that page is loaded from the action of a form on another page (via either GET or POST), JAWS will skip the standard page overview description ("page has 5 regions...") and immediately announce the content of some seemingly irrelevant <p> tag in the middle of the page. I've noticed a similar effect on some other pages as well, always when reached via a form submission.

These are very basic layouts and there isn't any JavaScript being triggered on load that could be adjusting focus in any way. No problems in either Chrome or Firefox.

Anyone encounter an issue like this before?

  • Do you have repeated text on those pages? There is an option to skip repeated text (for example, the top menu) on web pages, which is turned on by default. What is bizarre is different behavior in different browsers, though. – Andre Polykanine Nov 17 '17 at 0:59
  • There is some repeated text in the header, but the main content isn't the same. It also starts the announcing mid-way through that content, so if there are four paragraphs in the main body of the page (all unique to that page), JAWS starts announcing on the third. – Dan Nov 17 '17 at 14:47

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