So I dealt with all the stuff that name errored, but there are still problems

Here's what the page should look like http://hamishtodd1.github.io/conferencing/glmol/minExample/nativeVersion/

And here's where I've gotten to http://hamishtodd1.github.io/conferencing/glmol/minExample/

If you mousewheel a bit you can see some triangles glitched up stuff, so at least there's something, and I'm guessing I need to get onto turning face4's into two face3's. But I don't think that'll get this all the way, are there any general changes I definitely need to make because of revision differences?

Here's the file that matters the most, if it helps https://github.com/hamishtodd1/hamishtodd1.github.io/blob/master/conferencing/glmol/minExample/GLmol.js

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    GLmol.js is quite a file, almost 2k lines of code is a lot for someone to just casually go over. Face4 is definitely something that has been nuked from three.js, but it by no means the only thing.
    – pailhead
    Commented Nov 16, 2017 at 21:41

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There are a lot of updates across so many versions, maybe you can see the migration guide for three.js

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