Reason for ask this i got error when i use PushAsync in xamarin forms mvvm architecture

await Navigation.PushAsync(new Page2());

Error is

enter image description here

I have corrected this error by changing PushAsync to PushModelAsync

await Navigation.PushModalAsync(new Page2());

anyone has idea about what cause to this error?

i am calling PushModelAsync from ViewModel

public class Page1Model : INotifyPropertyChanged
        public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;

        public INavigation Navigation { get; set; }
        public Command ContinueBtnClicked { get; }

        public Page1Model(INavigation navigation)
            this.Navigation = navigation;
            this.ContinueBtnClicked = new Command(async () => await GotoPage2());

        public async Task GotoPage2()
            await Navigation.PushModalAsync(new Page2());

In your App.xaml.cs wrap your first page in a NavigationPage, like this: MainPage = new NavigationPage(new Page1());.

Now it will work. If you just have a single page, iOS doesn't know how to navigate to another page from there, so it needs a container page to handle navigation.

The reason the the modal variant works is because it spawns a new navigation stack and shows pages on top of everything else (hence modal).

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  • Thanks for the sweet explanation. yes it works and got the knowledge – Shiwanka Chathuranga Nov 17 '17 at 14:44

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