Our team is presented with an issue regarding test case management.

One person has proposed building test cases within test cases, however the issue is that it doesn't go 1 layer deep, it can go infinate layers deep.

Test Case A - Test Case B - Test Case C

The issue with this is that, test case B and C HAVE to be static data. We cannot make it dynamic data. Since Test Case C cannot have dynamic data, we need to build test case D+ to accomindate custom data for other test cases.

For example:

Test Case C is logging into face book. It has 2 custom data fields for username and password

But since we can't define those custom data fields from the original test case (A). we have to make the data static, so instead of logging in as who ever, you are logging in as a specific person.

So lets say Test Case D is to go into Facebook and update your gender profile from M to F.

Well, since we are logging in as a specific person we have to log in as a male.

Now, lets assume that this person has 0 photos. But User2 has a ton of photos for testing.

So now we have to build an identical test case to test case C, but with different log in credentials.

so we now have 2 test cases doing the exact same thing, but with different data.

I do not agree with this method, however online is telling me this is one of the best ways to build test cases.

In my opinion we should be keeping the test steps restricted to the actual test case, and any pre-conditions we fufill with dynamic and generic information.

So instead of Test Case A being a pre-condition to Test Case B WE say, Test Case B has a pre-Condition or "Log into Facebook as BLAH".

Since we are not testing the feature "Logging in" we dont need to perform and extra or out of the ordinary test steps.

Since we are not assuming our tests are dumb and don't know how to use the application, we can be generic.

If a tester finds the pre-condition to generic, go ahead an elaborate it.

What are other peoples thoughts. Are test cases within test cases a smart idea? Our issue is that our application is HUGE and super dynamic. Like crazy dynamic, what ever you see on the screen, can be changed replaced or removed entirely.

If we go down this path, i forsee our 1000 test cases turning into easily 2000 test cases.

Thoughts? Am i over thinking this?

  • why data of Test Case C should be static? – Yahya Hussein Dec 3 '17 at 12:15

Writing test cases is an art. When you write test case it should be to the point, and well organised.

It should include information which is necessary. Test cases are not for only testers, if developer will not able to understand how he will solve the bugs.

I would really suggest to keep it simple, in such way that others and you can also understand.

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    You can write a test case into test case if it is automation testing. – Hitesh Raviya Jul 18 '18 at 9:35

Same as tests (manual or automated), test cases should be isolated and independent as much as it possible. Reason for this is quite simple: chained tests are less stable and transparent.

Its might be okay to make test-cases linking possible, so u can make link test-case1 as precondition to test-case2, to make it unneccessary to describe preconditions in each others. Other way, it makes test cases structure less clear and much more difficult. Thats make problems when u need to refactor or reorganize them, move to other custom test-run\project or just split them to few independent test suites.

I think, its better to solve this problem by style-guide and principles of writing test documentation, other than by technical features like custom structures.

Im prefer to write test cases such clear and minimized, so every team member able to execute them with test-case name only, without opening them one-by-one.



Test case writing differs from person to person.Test cases are not only meant for person who is testing it.If some new person joins the company he/she should be able to understand the test cases.TCs should be easy and understandable by everyone,should cover all the basic and end to end scenarios.

As per my concern it would be easy and simple if test cases are straight forward which helps everyone to go through and execute the same.

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