I'm making a semi-custom list component in AEM that acts like a sidebar nav. I want to add an active class to a list item depending on if it is the link to the current page. I know how to reference currentPage.title in html and currentPage.getTitle() in JSP.

Am I missing an easy way to reference the currentPage title property in the component's separate clientlibs js file?

Not every page has a title tag or strict html elements to reference, so I'd like to use the aem properties before I go down that route.

  • I'd prefer a front-end solution over a backend one, take a look at this: css-tricks.com/snippets/jquery/…. but if you want to go the server-side route, yes using page path or title works just fine. Nov 17 '17 at 18:59

Clientlibs contains js code that is executed on browser, so you cannot access objects like currentPage that are only available on server during jsp/htl execution.

One way to achieve that would be to put those values in html element attributes in your HTL and later access them in js.

e.g. in sightly-

<div id="titleHolder" data-page-title="${currentPage.title}">

and to access it in js-

var pageTitle = $("#titleHolder").data("page-title");

You can also put these in a JavaScript object instead of dom element attributes.

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