I'm running a Node/Express app with Nodemon... I have an environment variable that I want to reset every time Nodemon restarts the app, but I find that although the reset script runs, the environment variable is not accessible in the running app. Let me break this down...

First off, I'm running this on my Mac.

I have a bash script in my app that is set up to get the current datetime and export it as an environment variable -


BUILD_DATE=`node ./scripts/version_info/get_build_date.js`
echo Setting environment variables: BUILD_DATE="$BUILD_DATE"

(get_build_date.js just returns a simple JS new Date() object)

From the package.json, the start script is straightforward:

"start": "nodemon app.js"

And in my nodemon.json, I would ideally like to call the bash script to generate the new environment variable - in my imagination, this would do the trick:

"events": {
    "start": "source env_public.sh"
"env": {
    "NODE_ENV": "development",
    "PORT": 3000

But it does not. Although NODE_ENV and PORT are available as expected, BUILD_DATE is not available to app.js, although the script has run (and the value can be seen in the environment if a append && env to the Nodemon start event).

I would guess that this has something to do with the relationship of parent/child processes, but this is not a topic that I'm familiar with... if I call source env_public.sh && nodemon app.js in the NPM start script, the value is accessible in app.js, but it does not update on Nodemon restarts. Ok, well I kind of get that, but it seems to me like app.js is a child of Nodemon, since it inherits the two env variables defined above... perhaps I am using the wrong command in nodemon.json?

In a nutshell, is there anyway that I can dynamically reset an environment variable when using Nodemon and make that new value available to the running app?


The simplest way is to set the environment variable BUILD_DATE directly inside your JavaScript code.

process.env.BUILD_DATE = new Date().toString();
  • Yes, that's true... but I'm trying to mimic my production environment where that value is set dynamically as an environment variable to record the time that the server is initially started. So every time Nodemon restarts my local server, I want it to mimic the behavior of my production environment. It's not a big deal, I'm just trying to be consistent across environments. – skwidbreth Nov 18 '17 at 21:29

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