I am trying to see if the current time is after noon (lunch).

  noon_time = Time.parse "12:00 pm"
  current_time = Time.now
  if current_time < noon_time
    #eat a big meal or sleep its after lunch time
    #work hard its not time to eat

When I run this code at 9:38pm it says "eat a big meal".

Do I need to do something like this and capture the time that is set for my website by the user?

  offset = Time.now.in_time_zone(current_user.time_zone).gmt_offset/60/60

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You could try parsing the time from the perspective of the user:


If you use Time.now you're using it in the default time zone which is, presumably, UTC. It might be a good idea make a wrapper method time_current for your User model that returns the time in the correct time zone? The offset itself in isolation is not meaningful.

You could also do the same thing with time_parse and then your code would look like:

if current_user.time_current >= current_user.time_parse("12:00pm")
  # ... Lunch time!

Or more succinctly:

if current_user.time_current.hour >= 12
  # ... Lunch time!

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