Building an Android Studio Plugin using intellij and gradle as dependency management and trying to specify supported intelliJ IDE's


Issue is org.jetbrains.android is not resolved.

A suggested solution is :

you need to add plugins/android/lib/android.jar to the classpath of your IntelliJ IDEA SDK

can't find plugins/android/lib/android.jar . Any info on how I can locate this ?


The jar is in your Intellij installed directory (in plugins folder).

For me, a mac user the position is /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA.app/Contents/plugins/android/lib/android.jar


Where is plugins/android/lib/android.jar?

accord to Dmitry Jemerov:

The jars of the Android plugin are part of the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition distribution ("plugins/android/lib" under the installation directory). To use them in your plugin, you need to add them to the classpath of the IntelliJ IDEA SDK, and also add this to your plugin.xml:


For mac user : you can find it in your application content enter image description here

How to the classpath of your IntelliJ IDEA SDK?

enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

just find android.jar in this plugin folder and add it to classpath. Dont forget to add org.jetbrains.android to your plugin.xml

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