i am new to swift, i got a simple question, looked over the related questions on stackoverflow, none of them were in swift 4, so i had to ask

here i have an array which looks something like this on the log

["72 Wilson St, Manchester M11 2AZ, UK"] // 0 
["Goldbergweg 117, 60599 Frankfurt am Main, Germany"] // 1
["Rondweg Zuid, 3817 Amersfoort, Netherlands"] // 2 am i right?

and i used this code to get the elements in it:

var stringArray = [String]()
stringArray.append(forss as! String)
self.predit1.text = stringArray[2]
self.predit2.text = stringArray[0]
self.predit3.text = stringArray[1]

but getting:

Thread 1: Fatal error: Index out of range


You declared an array of String

var stringArray = [String]()

Then you appended one element

stringArray.append(forss as! String)

That means only index 0 is valid


and you get an out-of-range error for



The question is not particularly related to Swift 4. All versions of Swift exhibit this behavior.


As far as I can see in the first codeblock, that looks like you have 3 arrays each of them with only one string element. The array initialization should look like:

let stringArray = [
    "72 Wilson St, Manchester M11 2AZ, UK", // 0 
    "Goldbergweg 117, 60599 Frankfurt am Main, Germany", // 1
    "Rondweg Zuid, 3817 Amersfoort, Netherlands" // 2
  • Hi, i couldn't post the complete code, but stringArray will get hit three times, and it will return random values, so i can't use yours – Rawand Ahmed Shaswar Nov 18 '17 at 9:14

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