Everytime I create a new python file by Vim, I need to type #!/usr/bin/env python. So I intended to let Vim do it for me. However, I just know a little about vimscript and I just try a little bit which I don't think it will work and right, it does not work.

:autocmd FileType python i#!/usr/bin/env python<esc>

Can anybody help me to implement this use case?

  • FileType is not the right event; use BufNewFile instead.
  • You are using a normal mode command, i#!/usr/bin/env python<esc> where you should use an ex command. Something like:

    0put='#!/usr/bin/env python'


    normal I#!/usr/bin/env python

Here is a working solution that also puts the cursor below your shebang:

augroup myTemplates
    autocmd BufNewFile *.py silent 0put='#!/usr/bin/env python'|2
augroup END

NOTE: the Vim documentation has a short section devoted to that topic, see `:help template'.

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