I'm trying to Replace By Fee (RBF) an unconfirmed transaction due to low fee which was set more than a week ago (5c5dcb0b21dc6142d789899f5efb31b2deb9366644f83d6dfa6e580f9a8697f0). To do the replacement, I'm using coinb.in. However, when I fill in my address (1SfmVjR5itYMgFY7jD5meLg8efmmtKfXV) and hit 'Load', the tool shows a zero balance. I know it's not correct, as the transaction is not confirmed yet and as I can check the balance in BlockCypher. Can anyone explain me what I'm doing wrong? Should I insert the Input to my wallet manually on coinb.in? If so, where can I find the 'Script'? It doesn't seem right...

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    Is it a programming question? – Vadim Kotov Dec 12 '17 at 9:35

There is no "unspent transaction output" at your Address currently so that Coinb.in shows a zero balance.

You can get a raw transaction with here. After you get it, you can modify the amount of BTC for output with Coinb.in, sign it with your private key and broadcast it. Hope this is helpful for you.

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