I would like to use the alpha function for making symbols transparent in a plot. However I'm using the col.list function and can't really use the solutions that are available online. This is how my script looks like (I open my data directly from excel):

pch.list <- rep(0, length(data$CA))
pch.list[data$CA=="TC"] <- 21
pch.list[data$CA=="TI"] <- 22
pch.list[data$CA=="AN"] <- 23
pch.list[data$CA=="AT"] <- 24

col.list <- rep(0, length(data$CA))
col.list[data$CA=="TC"] <- "blue"
col.list[data$CA=="TI"] <- "purple"
col.list[data$CA=="AN"] <- "mediumturquoise"
col.list[data$CA=="AT"] <- "white"

plot(data$Cen, data$Oen, pch=c(pch.list), main="TE", bg=c(col.list, alpha=0.3), cex= 1.5,ylim=c(-15,0), xlim=c(-20, 1))
minor.tick(nx=5, ny=5, tick.ratio=0.5)


  • We cannot reproduce your example. Please provide the variable data by typing dput(data) and pasting the results into your question. – G5W Nov 18 '17 at 23:11
  • 2
    Where you have "blue" replace it with do.call(rgb, as.list(c(col2rgb("blue")[,1]/255, alpha))) and so on for the other colors. where alpha is the transparency level you want (between 0 and 1). – G5W Nov 18 '17 at 23:25

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