I am building a site in Gatsbyjs that pulls information in via the gatsby-source-contentful plugin, but I'm struggling with the graphql side of things.

If I have a Content model in Contentful that contains a field to override the default description for example - then if none of the content uses that yet graphql throws an error if I try to include it in my query.

Is there anyway to short circuit the graphql queries?


  allContentfulPage {
    edges {
      node {
        description {

This will break if there is no Page model that exists with a description, but as soon as one page gets a description it works.

Gatsby pulls data from Contentful and then it builds an internal "model" of what the data from Contenful looks like. The Contentful API is REST but internally Gatsby uses GraphQL.

If a field does not have a value on Contentful then it will not be a part of the generated GraphQL query in Gatsby. The solution is to push a single value in one of your records.

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