I have two tables, transactions and money. Both hold transactions of a sort, one holds stock transactions and the other holds cash transactions. These two tables are not related, and share no similar columns beyond two, a portfolio_id that links them to another table, and a transaction_date.

What I want to be able to do is get all the data from these 2 tables where the portfolio_id equals a number, and then order the entirety of the data by transaction_date. I want all this data returned in an easy array that I can just iterate through.

What I've done is created an SQL query that does what I want:

select * from (
    select portfolio_id as id, null as withdrawal_CAD, null as withdrawal_USD,
        null as deposit_CAD, null as deposit_USD, ticker as ticker, shares as shares,
        split_ratio as split, price as price, transaction_date as transaction_date
        from transactions where portfolio_id = 110
    select portfolio_id as id, withdrawal_amount_CAD as withdrawal_CAD,
        withdrawal_amount_USD as withdrawal_USD, deposit_amount_CAD as deposit_CAD,
        deposit_amount_USD as deposit_USD, null as price, null as ticker, null as shares,
        null as split, transaction_date as transaction_date
        from money where portfolio_id = 110
) alltransactions order by transaction_date ASC

And this can work for me, I know I can run custom queries in CakePHP. But what I would like is a cake way of doing this, something that uses the ORM properly, rather than making a custom query. I imagine there is a way to do something like this, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is.

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