can someone please explain the difference between system design and object oriented design?

Object oriented design involves object modeling and uses object oriented concepts such as Abstraction, Encapsulation, Decomposition and Generalization. Both of the design involves Architectural design and conceptual design.

Is one of the design paradigm subset of other?


System in System Theory can be everything. (Facets of Systems Science, George Klir, 1991) System is on TOP of TREE, Superclass of other categories.
In overall, System Development included 2 major phases:

1- System Analysis: including Planning, requirements, analysis and etc. These items related to specific methodology in system theory.

2- System Design: including design, implementation, test, deploy, maintenance and etc.

As I said, System can be everything. For example:
Mechanical systems, Psychological systems, Social systems, Aircraft Systems and so on. Each category may have detailed and specific analysis and design steps based on mentioned 2 major phases.

In computer world, Software Systems is one of System categories. Each software Analysis and Design method is based on mentioned 2 major phases too.

Additionally, In Software Systems, we have some paradigms to analysis and design like:
Structural/Process Centered
Data Centered
Object Oriented
Service Oriented
and etc.

Each of them has it's own Analysis and Design Steps. These steps are based on 2 major phases as well. But in details, they have some differences.

To sum up, Systems Analysis and Design is a big picture to all other type of systems. Learning System Analysis and Design helps to understand all other systems analysis and design and specially helps to compare and evaluate them.


System design is the designing the software/application as a whole [high level] that may includes analysis,modelling, architecture, Components, Infrstructure etc. whereas the objected oriented design is the the set of defined rules/concepts to implement the functionalities within a software.

Take an analogy, a football game.

So the System design involves the design of football ground, goal poles, grass on the ground, location of the ground, length/breadth of the ground, putting line marks on the ground, scoreboard, defining the playing teams, number of player to play etc.

Now, take object oriented design : how the games needs to be played is defined by set of rules that need to be followed. Thus the players need to play game within the defined rules. So the more the player knows those rules the better they can play the game without making fowls. Similarly the rules for object oriented concept are inheritance, composition, abstraction, encapsulation. Thus the better we know these concepts the better design we can make.

@Prashant, hope it explains a bit

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