tools->preferences->syntax coloring->scheme only change the color in editor,

so it looks like this, enter image description here

I want know how to apply dark theme in whole spyder3

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Thank you, I have solved this problem,

  1. pip install qdarkstyle
  2. go to: https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder/issues/2350
  3. Ctrl + F app.set

hope you can also make it and waiting for spyder 4, which may contain official solutions.

Update in 22/11/18, I have noticed that the official solution in spyder 4 is avaiable! enter image description here


(Spyder maintainer here) Syntax coloring for the IPython console was added in Spyder 3.2, released in July/2017. If you're not seeing it in your current setup, it means you are using an old Spyder version and you need to update it.

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