I'm new to C and I need to write JSON to a file. I literally spent an hour looking for a working way to append an int to a str.

Here is my code:

int day = 1;

char strDay = (char) day;
char str[100];
strcpy(str, "Blockchain");
strcat(str, strDay);

Everything works well until the strcat call. Thanks in advance

EDIT: I'm using parson to write my struct to a file. Here's what the JSON file should look like:

"Blockchain": {
    "Block1": {
        "Day": 2,
        "Transaction1": {
            "ID": 1,
            "Amount": 2
    "Block2": {
        "Transaction2": {
            "ID": 2,
            "Amount": 5

To do that, I use the parson lib and it works like that:

json_object_dotset_number(root_object, "Blockchain.Block1.Transaction1.ID", tmpTransaction->accountID);

I need a way to create mutiple blocks and transactions and that's why I thought of appending the day to the block and the id to the transaction.


As you have likely realized, strcat only works on strings. You should investigate sprintf and snprintf. For instance:

  char string[80];
  int dayNumber;

  dayNumber = 27;
  sprintf(string, "\"Block1\": {\n\t\"Day\": %d,\n", dayNumber);

Obviously, I'm not trying to create your entire string. Additionally, in no way should this be considered complete code. Using magic numbers (like an 80 character string buffer) is bad practice. This is just an example.

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