I read the following code from the PocketSphinx tutorial

config = cmd_ln_init(NULL, ps_args(), TRUE,
             "-hmm", MODELDIR "/en-us/en-us",
                 "-lm", MODELDIR "/en-us/en-us.lm.bin",
                 "-dict", MODELDIR "/en-us/cmudict-en-us.dict",

It's first time I see a variable--MODELDIR--beside a string--"/en-us/en-us". How is this possible? I've never seen anything like this in C/C++ tutorial books!

If I want to search for more information about this, what keywords should I use for search?

  • MODELDIR will be a string-valued macro that will be concatenated to create a longer file or directory name. – Jonathan Leffler Nov 20 '17 at 9:12

MODELDIR is a macro expanding to a string. C joins adjacent strings into single ones*, so if MODELDIR would be #defined to "/foo/bar", this would result in the following function call:

config = cmd_ln_init(NULL, ps_args(), TRUE,
             "-hmm", "/foo/bar/en-us/en-us",
                 "-lm", "/foo/bar/en-us/en-us.lm.bin",
                 "-dict", "/foo/bar/en-us/cmudict-en-us.dict",

*) So, writing

"Hello, " "World!"

is exactly the same as

"Hello, World!"
  • @user145959's example appears to be from a tutorial on Pocketsphinx: cmusphinx.github.io/wiki/tutorialpocketsphinx . I got this to build just fine with gcc, but on a new installation of CLion, where I tried to add a few parameters to the CMakeLists file, I get: ``` [path]/hello_ps.c:16:5: warning: character constant too long for its type MODELDIR("en-us"); ^ ``` – Philip Dec 23 '17 at 0:08

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