I was trying to open a second terminal un a docker with docker-compose.

First run the container with

docker-compose run my-centos bash

And when I try to open a second terminal

docker-compose exec my-centos bash

I get the message

ERROR:No container found for my_centos_1

If I search the name of running container I get

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                 COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                    PORTS                    NAMES
34a95b44f0a2        centos6   "bash"                   9 minutes ago       Up 9 minutes                                       docker_my-centos_run_1

why docker-compose exec search docker_my_centos_1 and not docker_my-centos_run_1?

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docker-compose is meant to run multi-container applications and is supposed to be used with docker-compose up. When you use docker-compose run, you make a special container that's not really meant for normal use.

Since docker-compose is just a wrapper around docker, you can still access this special container via the normal docker command:

docker exec docker_my-centos_run_1 bash

Otherwise I'd suggest start your container with docker-compose up. This makes it so that you can run the second bash in the way that you specified:

docker-compose exec my-centos bash

Note: I don't know if you can attach a TTY directly with docker-compose up, so you might need to run an extra docker-compose exec my-centos bash to get two TTYs.

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    Also, it does not appear that you really need docker-compose for what you want to achieve. Just plain docker is probably enough
    – Vinno97
    Nov 20, 2017 at 15:14

you need to do "docker-compose up -d" then try ur commands


I think you may be having trouble with the project name, because you're not telling Docker with project are you referring to.

I was facing this problem and it can be fixed adding the project name like:

docker-compose -p myprojectname ps


docker-compose -p myprojectname exec php_service composer install

This post explain it: https://codereviewvideos.com/blog/how-i-fixed-docker-compose-exec-error-no-container-found-for/


I solved this issue by first running sudo systemctl restart docker


if you are using docker-compose run this command docker-compose run web python manage.py makemigrations

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