I am trying to get a select box to be in a particular cell. I have the checkboxes showing up just fine, but the select boxes are not being displayed.

  datatype: "local", 
  width: "100%",
  height: "100%",
  colNames:['Universe1','Connect String1', 'Report1', 'Object Type1','Path1','Owner1', '|', 'Universe', 'Select','Connect String', 'CheckBox', 'Report', 'Object Type','Path','Owner'], 
   {name:'universe1', index:'universe1', width:70},{name:'connect1',index:'connect1', width:120}, 
        {name:'report1',index:'report1', width:90}, 
        {name:'objType1',index:'objType1', width:50, align:"right"}, 
        {name:'path1',index:'path1', width:50, align:"right"},
        {name:'owner1',index:'owner1', width:100, align:"right"},
        {name:'pipe',index:'pipe', width:10, align:"center"},
        {name:'universe', index:'universe', width:70}, 
        {name:'ship',index:'ship', width:90, editable: true, edittype:"select", formatoptions: {disabled : false}, editoptions:{value:"FE:FedEx;IN:InTime;TN:TNT;AR:ARAMEX"}},
        {name:'connect',index:'connect', width:120}, 
        { name: 'airPost', width: 40, index: 'airPost', formatter: 'checkbox', align: 'center', //Checkbox
                      editoptions: { value: "1:0" }, stype: 'select', editable:true, searchoptions: { value: "1:Yes;0:No" }, formatoptions: {disabled : false} },
        {name:'report',index:'report', width:90}, 
        {name:'objType',index:'objType', width:50, align:"right"}, 
        {name:'path',index:'path', width:50, align:"right"},
        {name:'owner',index:'owner', width:100, align:"right"}


     caption: "Grid",
     autowidth: true,
     viewrecords: true,
     footerrow: true,
     userDataOnFooter: true,
     data: mydata

Probably it is misunderstanding. You will see select box in cell only if the cell will be editing mode. For example you can include cell editing support in your local jqGrid if you include two additional parameters in the grid definition

cellEdit: true,
cellsubmit: 'clientArray'

You can also use inline editing instead.

I am not sure how your data in mydata array look like. It can be needed, that you have to add formatter:'select' additionally to the definition of the 'ship' column.

  • Thanks, I have been facing the same problem – Xravn Sep 18 '15 at 6:14

Thanks I got it working it was an issue with not having cellEdit, cellsubmit:, and editurl: added to the grid

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