I've just installed an update to android studio and now I see version 3.0.1 When I look to a toolbar I see that icons became two times smaller than usual.

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Is it possible to make them bigger as it was before?


As said in this comment it is an Intended Behavior in version 3.0. But this behavior can be reverted by setting the system property hidpi.allow.fractional to true in file ~AndroidStudioHOME\idea.properties and restart Android Studio.

You can open and edit this file directly from IDE by Help | Edit Custom Properties menu:


P.S. But, for example, I'm already used to this size and it seems to me quite comfortable. There is more space for text, especially at 13 inches laptop.

Update Fixed in Android Studio 3.1. Icons become bigger as earlier


Have the same issue after updating to 3.0.1. As of Google Issue Tracker, it seems like a known issue & it is in assigned state. For a temporary fix, we can adjust the UI font of Android Studio from settings as below.

  1. File -> Settings
  2. Appearance & Behavior -> Appearance
  3. Under UI Options, select Override default fonts
  4. Set the size (I am setting size 24 to make the icons & text bigger)

Note : The above steps will make the Android Studio UI ugly but until a patch is released, we might need to adjust to this.


After I used to the small icons there's a surprise after update to Android Studio 3.1. Icons became big again :)

enter image description here

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